Cutting Negative Energetic Cords - A Guided Meditation

Cutting Negative Energetic Cords - A Guided Meditation


We are all spiritual beings living in an energy world. If you look deep enough, energy makes up everything. Energy Etheric Cords are unseen strings of energy that connect us to other people, animals, and past experiences. Thought and emotion also create these cords. These cords can also be created when you have objections, fear, anger, worry or negative feelings can also create cords
of attachment. Energy Etheric Cords are also created when we have a strong connection with someone or anytime you love something.


Energy cords can be healthy, or unhealthy. Unhealthy cords can drain your energy and emotions, and often these cords do not serve our highest good.


We have all experienced negative events in our life and most of the time we let these experiences go, but sometimes we don't and we unintentionally hold onto these experiences and the emotions associated with them.


This guided meditation will help you identify unhealthy and draining energy cords and you will learn how to cut these negative cords freeing yourself to grow both emotionally in spiritually.


The link to this online zoom event will be sent via email 24 - 48 hours prior to the event.