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Make a donations to the Community of Spiritual Seekers (COSS) and your name will automatically be entered into the draw to with a 1-Hour Private Reading with psychic medium Joann Homen.


Donations to the Community of Spiritual Seekers allow us to increase learning opportunities with more workshops, classes, circles and gatherings (many of them are provided free), that are geared toward spiritual development, personal growth and healing.

Donations allow us to have a flexible operating budget which in turn allows us to continue to keep our doors

open assisting those in need of spiritual support,  guidance, enlightenment, and healing.

The Community of Spiritual Seekers team is made up

of people who believe in an infinite source of

abundance, goodness and possibilities available to

create thriving, and dynamic lives for ourselves.


Our dedicated team freely gives their time, talents, resources and service to help the Community of Spiritual Seekers help others.

Our free nights are available to anyone, and are lovingly presented with the intent to help others achieve the highest version of themselves they can and to help them live a peaceful, calm and spiritually aware life.


We believe the "Good Deeds" we participate in allow the opportunity for other people to pay it forward, with good deeds for others,  fulfilling the cycle of service to others which we firmly believe in.

A any donation the Community of Spiritual Seekers (C.O.S.S.) receives, the donors names will be entered in a draw for a free spiritual psychic reading ($100.00 value) with professional medium Joann Homen. This is a great opportunity and chance to get some answers, guidance and direction in your life, helping you achieve peace of mind about what is ahead and learning to heal from past experiences that might be limiting your growth.

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While we use PayPal for secure donation transactions, you do not need to have or create a PayPal account to make a one time donation via PayPal.

If you want to use your credit card without a PayPal account, click Donate below, then click “Continue”, fill out the information and ignore the “Create PayPal Password” field. 

To set up a donation to our Fellowship click the PayPal button below and you will be directed to a page where you can input your donation contribution. 

Thank you for your donation. It is greatly appreciated, and will be used to help

those in need, allow us to offer free events each month and to further the

Community of Spiritual Seekers Mission and Vision.