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We are supremely proud to be the heart of a vibrant community of hard-working developing psychic medium students. Their determination and enthusiasm never cease to impress us and there is nothing better than seeing our graduates applying what they have learned during the 8-Week Psychic & Mediumship Development program and learning how to trust working with spirit.

Our 8-Week program is an in-depth study of spirituality and developing our intuition, spiritual gifts, and abilities. The students have learned a variety of techniques and tools to develop and grow their spiritual gifts.

Through Joann & Susan’s teachings and coaching students discover how to release self-doubt and fears, rising above them to become more comfortable in their spiritual gifts, abilities, and their connection with spirit to be able to give messages to others.

Your readers tonight are graduates of our 8-Week Psychic & Mediumship Development program, and they have been working hard during those 8-Weeks, practicing giving each other messages and mini-readings.   

Tonight, they will be stepping out of their “Comfort Zone” and giving messages from spirit to the attendees.

It can be intimidating for even an experienced Medium to give messages (especially via Zoom) so, together let us support each one of them as they spread their wings and fly.

Please note: We ask that if you receive a message from one of out students that you send them feedback via the chat feature of zoom so the students know if you resonated with their message. This feedback is a HUGE confidence booster for our students and helps them push through their fears of giving messages to strangers outside of the class environment.


Even if you do not resonate at the time with the message, we would still like you to provide feedback, any feedback helps our students continue to hone their gifts and abilities and trust the connection they have with spirit.

Although this is a free event we encourage donations at: