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CFOS Logo 1 a png file.png's Connection to the Community of Spiritual Seekers (C.O.S.S). and the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S.)

You may have arrived here from the Community for Spiritual Seekers (C.O.S.S.)

or from Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S.)and might be wondering why. 


Joann Anderson Homen is the Founder and the President of, the Community of Spiritual Seekers (C.O.S.S.) and the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S.).


Joann is the lead facilitator, lead psychic medium, and she also develops many of the programs, classes, events and workshops for all three of the organizations and is the main educator and coordinator of most of the free events that are offered by the three organizations

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